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Most usefull variables I use:

            - ${TM_FILENAME:default} (The filename of the current document)
            - ${TM_FILENAME_BASE:default} (same as TM_FILENAME without extension)
            - ${CURRENT_YEAR_SHORT:default} (The current year's last two digits)
            - ${CURRENT_MONTH:default} (The month as two digits)
            - ${CURRENT_DATE:default} (The day of the month)
            - ${CURRENT_HOUR:default} (The current hour in 24-hour clock format)
            - ${CURRENT_MINUTE:default} (The current minute)
            - ${CURRENT_SECOND:default} (The current second)
            - ${TM_LINE_NUMBER:default} (line number)

Full List below: https://i.imgur.com/oinTKKP.png

Example with TM_FILENAME:default and TM_LINE_INDEX:default

"do-trace": {
"prefix": "do-trace",
"body": [
    "            do-trace ${TM_LINE_INDEX:default} [\r",
    "?? ",
    "            ] %${TM_FILENAME:default}"
"description": "do-trace"

Example output:

do-trace 757 [
] %ReAdABLE.Human.Format.lib.red            

Other usefull variables for date:


Reference Guide: