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Red in French!

ReAdABLE Source (What is the ReAdABLE Human Format?)


Code in french

For demo type in Red Console:

do read http://mycodesnippets.space/redlang/preprocessor/src/red-in-french.red

then type:

i: 10 while [i > 0][si even? i [print i] i: i - 1]

You should get: https://i.imgur.com/GW41yg9.png

Then type the instruction in french

i: 10 tant que [i > 0][si impair? i [affiche i] i: i - 1]

check that it also works: https://i.imgur.com/JtgfwaZ.png

Source code


system/lexer/pre-load: function [src part][
    parse src [
        any [
            s: [
"affiche"       (new: "print")
| "si"          (new: "if")
| "tant que"    (new: "while")
| "pair?"       (new: "even?")
| "impair?"     (new: "odd?")
            ] e: (s: change/part s new e) :s
            | skip

do {i: 10 tant que [i > 0][si impair? i [affiche i] i: i - 1]}