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bind example(s)

Definition of bind

according to rebol help:

bind binds words to a specified context: words – A block of words or single word. (Type: block any-word) known-word – A reference to the target context. (Type: any-word object port)

bind function seems like a deep mystery and she is actually, so we’ll enrich this page with growing examples.

Example 1: partially override an object at runtime

Suppose you want to change just one line of code in a library written by somebody else but you don’t want to create a new version of the library https://i.imgur.com/zynS9zv.png

you can use this code snippet: https://i.imgur.com/dd2RlT8.png

        do https://redlang.red/altjson.red

        bind json-loader/object-name: [
		string space #":" space (
			emit either is-flat [
				to set-word! current-value ; this is the modified line of code
				any [
					to-word current-value
	    ]  json-loader